Your repeated workflows, automated

Production Line helps automate repeated workflows and campaigns in your favorite project management tool. It automatically allocates tasks, handles follow up with each individual, and updates due dates automatically.

Project managers, save 10+ hours a week.

Up to 90% of a project managers time is spent communicating. Production Line dramatically reduces this for repetitive workflows. Find out how:

Set up your production line logic

Easily define default members and duration for each step of your process using Trello (Jira & more coming soon!).

Flow Set up
Production Line

Be kept in the loop

Receive automatic follow-ups on progression using your favorite chat app with StartADAM Connect.

Bye bye repetition

It’s Control Panel on steroids! Manage sequential steps automatically – once the previous step is done, StartADAM hands it over to the next person.

All approved

That’s it.

Production Line will manage the workflow until completion, updating everyone in their favorite communication apps.

Rinse and repeat as many times as you want.

Your repeated workflows, automated

Works while you sleep
Production line works in the background 24/7, following up and allocating tasks Tasks moved to the next person as soon as they’re complete
Never ask for a task status again

Production Line follows up on tasks at predefined intervals and when they’re overdue. Let updates come to you.

Communicate on your terms

With out Connect feature you can get all task updates in whichever chat app you want.

Save 10+ hours a week

Stop asking for updates on a task and focus on doing what matters

Works with your favorite apps

Production Line works and syncs the most popular project management apps

A must have async tool

Production Line makes working asynchronously that much easier


All our communications follow SOC2 security & privacy protocols.

Who should use this?

Software Teams

Unify communication by creating cross-platform channels on Jira or Trello tasks.

Service Providers

Connect with clients from your tool to theirs and automate your delivery processes.


Keep your team members in the loop even if they’re not sitting next to you.


Set and forget tasks and repetitive campaigns.

Frequently Asked Questions

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