How it Works

Connect Trello t o SMS in a matter of minutes.

Step 1

Add StartADAM to Trello

Install StartADAM app in your Trello board.

Step 2

Connect your SMS account

Authenticate your SMS account in Trello StartADAM app.

Step 3

Get notified about your Trello project updates in SMS

Manage Trello cards automatically from your SMS – It’s magic!

It’s really that simple. Now messages between Trello and SMS synced seamlessly.

Why is it useful?

This combination allows field contractors to receive and update task information in real-time, even in low connectivity areas, without needing to access Trello directly.

Best for

  • Service companies: Plumbers and HVAC specialists sometimes travel to several places to conduct work. Trello to SMS lets managers delegate jobs to technicians and update job status even in low-connectivity locations.
  • Construction companies: Construction companies, like service organizations, have field personnel that need daily assignments and updates. Trello to SMS can improve manager-worker communication and reduce errors.
  • Event management companies: Event planners must manage several projects and team members, so they need a dependable way to communicate information. Even if they can't access Trello, Trello to SMS can keep everyone in sync.
  • Transportation and logistics companies: Transportation and logistics companies: Trello to SMS can keep drivers and other field personnel informed of delivery timetables, routes, and other vital information.


  • SMS updates and task assignments reduce manual communication and paperwork for contractors.
  • Trello helps managers assign and track work, while SMS lets contractors report progress.
  • Better communication and task management can streamline procedures and reduce errors.
Security SOC2

Secure at our core.

We follow all SOC 2 requirements including encryption, with strict measures to protect your data.

There’s more where that came from.

StartADAM lets you do a lot more than just connect communication apps. Here some other superpowers that can save you 10+ hours a week.

Automate task tracking with Control Panel

Automate entire workflows with Production Line

Sync Project Management Apps with Tandem

What will you connect?

Want to connect WhatsApp with Slack? Integrate Slack with Microsoft Teams? Get your Telegram messages in Discord?
You can do it all — and more.

Want a walk through?

Our dedicated support team can walk you through how to sync the apps you and your teams use in 10 minutes.

StartADAM apps

Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, we have answers

To get started, go to the Trello Power-up directory and search for StartADAM. Then, authorize the power-up to access your Trello account. After authorization, launch the StartADAM power-up and navigate to the ‘My Chat Tool’ section. From there, select the SMS option to verify your phone number with StartADAM. After verification, you can create Trello cards and assign them to workers/collaborators (invited by you), who can then join conversations about each Trello card via their preferred chat application.

StartADAM creates a conversation group for each Trello card, allowing members to participate in the conversation via different chat tools such as Slack or Whatsapp. Additionally, only the manager is required to log in to Trello, as workers can update Trello boards via their communication app without having to access Trello directly, all thanks to StartADAM’s integration.

The process begins within Trello. First, log in to your Trello account and install the StartADAM power-up for Trello. Then, proceed to authenticate SMS within the StartADAM Trello power-up by following the provided instructions.

No administrator approval is necessary to install StartADAM in Trello. Simply look up StartADAM in the Trello Power-up directory and authorize it on your Trello account.

Through the StartADAM Trello power-up interface, you can invite members to join StartADAM using their chat tool and become eligible to be assigned as a worker or collaborator to your Trello cards.