Unify team collaboration.

StartADAM brings internal and external teams together by creating cross-platform collaboration between tools.


StartADAM Connect

is Everything.

StartADAM Connect brings your team, service providers and clients all together from their favorite chat tools to yours.

  • Cross-platform shared channels
  • Multi-way chat between Microsoft Teams,
    Slack, WhatsApp, Text and more
  • SOC 2 enterprise-grade security

All our communications follow SOC2 security & privacy protocols.

Collaboration is more
than just conversation.

StartADAM brings the power of your project management tool inside your conversation.

Everyone can collaborate in your project management tool without leaving their chat app!

StartADAM Control Panel

Manage all areas of your team in one place.

StartADAM Control Panel opens up a new way of managing – connect, monitor and follow-up your team, all in one place.

  • Control and oversee the live status of everything
    in the organization
  • Assign a due date and you’ll never have to ask what the status is ever again
  • Works in Trello and Jira – more coming soon!

StartADAM Production Line

Production Lines aren’t just for cars.

True automation for repetitive campaigns and entire processes. No set up, just magic.

  • SOPs made intelligent with automated follow-ups, handovers & communication

  • Once the previous step is done, it hands
    it over to the next person, automatically

  • Turn your Trello and Jira columns into a production line

More superpowers coming soon!

Join our waitlist and stay on top of our releases.

Timesheets & Payments

Time track team members in their favorite chat tools & send payments.

Hire the best freelancers in 60 seconds from your favorite apps.

OKR Management

Track and collect team progress automatically
in your favorite chat tool.

Pay only when you use it.

Free 30-day trial. Free up to 5 members.




  • All features included
  • Unlimited messaging
  • All communication apps
  • Dedicated support



Per member per month

  • All features included
  • Unlimited messaging
  • All communication apps
  • Dedicated support



MORE THAN 30 members

  • All features included
  • Unlimited messaging
  • All communication apps
  • Dedicated support

Our use cases.

Software Teams

Unify communication by creating cross-platform channels on Jira or Trello tasks.

Service Providers

Connect with clients from your tool to theirs and automate your delivery processes.


Keep your team members in the loop even if they’re not sitting next to you.


Set and forget tasks and repetitive campaigns.

Want a walk through?

Our dedicated support team can walk you through how to sync the apps you and your teams use in 10 minutes.

Secure at our core.

We follow all SOC 2 requirements including encryption, with strict measures to protect your data.