How it Works

Connect Jira with Microsoft Teams in a matter of minuutes.

Step 1

Add StartADAM to Jira

Install StartADAM app in your Jira project.

Step 2

Connect your Microsoft Teams account

Authenticate your Microsoft Teams account in Jira StartADAM app.

Step 3

Get notified about your Jira project updates in Microsoft Teams

Manage Jira issues automatically from your Microsoft Teams – It’s magic!

It’s really that simple. Now messages between Jira and Teams synced seamlessly.

Security SOC2

Secure at our core.

We follow all SOC 2 requirements including encryption, with strict measures to protect your data.

There’s more where that came from.

StartADAM lets you do a lot more than just connect communication apps. Here some other superpowers that can save you 10+ hours a week.

Automate task tracking with Control Panel

Automate entire workflows with Production Line

Sync Project Management Apps with Tandem

What will you connect?

Want to connect WhatsApp with Slack? Integrate Slack with Microsoft Teams? Get your Telegram messages in Discord?
You can do it all — and more.

Want a walk through?

Our dedicated support team can walk you through how to sync the apps you and your teams use in 10 minutes.

StartADAM apps

Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, we have answers

To get started, access the Atlassian Marketplace and search ‘StartADAM for Jira’. Alternatively, you can access your Jira Software account and add ‘StartADAM for Jira’ app account to your Microsft Teams account by clicking ‘Let’s go’ and logging in. Once authenticated, you’ll be able to access the StartADAM bot where you can create communication groups for your contacts on various platforms like Slack, Discord, SMS, Telegram, and even Whatsapp.

Unlike Jira’s native Microsoft Teams integration, StartADAM creates one conversation group for each Jira issue – members can join a conversation from Microsoft Teams, Whatsapp or other chat tools. In addition, only the manager needs to login to Jira because workers can update Jira from their communication tools without needing to login to Jira – all with one StartADAM integration.

It all starts in Jira. So, first of all, access your Jira account and install the ‘StartADAM for Jira’ application. Then follow the next instructions to authenticate Microsoft Teams within the StartADAM Jira app.

You will need admin approval to install ‘StartADAM for Jira’. In the Jira interface, click ‘Try it free’ and submit a request that will be sent to your admin.