StartADAM Integration
to Salesforce Setup Guide

Please keep these instructions handy in this tab until you finish the entire process.

1. Access the StartADAM Client Portal

Create your StartADAM Client Portal account at

2. Activate the trial period

Activate the trial for the Standard plan to enable the Salesforce integration.

3. Authenticate your chat platform

In the StartADAM Client Portal, navigate to ‘Chat Workspace & Team’ in the menu and authenticate your team’s preferred chat platform.

4. Connect your Salesforce account

In the StartADAM Client Portal, go to the ‘Integrations’ in the menu, locate the Salesforce integration, and click ‘Access’.

5. Login to your Salesforce account

Use your usual Salesforce login and then select your Salesforce account where chat transcripts will be redirected.

And…that’s it! All your conversations transcripts with recipients that match each Salesforce contact will be mirrored into Salesforce as a ‘Note’.

Need support?

If you need any help during installation, just send an email to and our team will be happy to help.