Choose Slack for every chat

StartADAM Connect lets you use Slack to manage all your conversations and avoid bouncing between chat apps.

How can StartADAM help me?

You can use Slack to create cross-platform groups to communicate with internaland external teams, regardless the communication tool they are using.

External Collaboration

Bring service providers, clients, and agencies into your Slack team from any tool they prefer

Use one chat app to interact with all of your clients & stay organized
Let different teams chat using their highest-performing chat app
Bond with customers using your main chat app & improve your response time for conversions

…try it your way!


All our communications follow SOC2 security & privacy protocols.

How it Works

It’s easy to launch the StartADAM Connect cross-platform chat experience in Slack.

1. Add StartADAM app to Slack

2. Follow the StartADAM Bot instructions and create your first cross-platform group

3. Invite members to join from their chat tools and watch the magic happen!

…anytime you need to create a new group simply send any message to StartADAM!


Secure at our core.

We follow all SOC 2 requirements including encryption, with strict measures to protect your data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Members can join your chat groups using Slack, Microsoft Teams, WhatsApp, Discord, Telegram and Text Message (SMS).

Yes, StartADAM is free for beta.

We are SOC2 compliant. This means your your data is secured with bank-level encryption and security. It’s pretty serious. Find out more about SOC2 compliancy and our security here.

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