Exciting News! We’ve launched adam Intelligence.


What happens to messages in the event of StartADAM’s downtime or when platform APIs are unavailable?2024-03-25T17:34:17+00:00

Currently, we match AWS SLAs where possible. If you require an SLA, please contact us for Enterprise solutions.

How does StartADAM ensure privacy and security?2024-03-25T17:34:25+00:00

Security is at our core. We are SOC2 Type 1 compliant (Type 2 coming soon), encrypted end-to-end, and we don’t store messages once they have been relayed to the recipients or sent to your webhook if you use one. We do store attachments for up to 2 weeks to ensure delivery of large files (then, we act as a temporary ‘Dropbox’-esque intermediary, however you can also share your own file links if you prefer).

Where is StartADAM hosted?2024-03-25T17:34:33+00:00

We are hosted on AWS in the United States

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