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What is a Chat Hub?2024-03-25T17:25:57+00:00

🚀 Welcome to the future of communication – the Chat Hub! This amazing platform centralizes all of your messaging applications into one convenient place, allowing you to handle all your conversations in a single interface. No more juggling between different apps or missing messages – it’s all here!

Imagine being able to send a message on Slack and have your teammate reply from Microsoft Teams, all without switching applications. That’s the magic of a chat hub! 

But that’s not all – check out some of the incredible features you can enjoy with a chat hub:

1. **Universal Chat** 💬 : Seamlessly connect across multiple chat applications like Slack, WhatsApp, or Microsoft Teams from one, user-friendly interface. Stay in touch, no matter what your favorite chat app is!

2. **Integration** 🔗 : Your chat hub connects effortlessly with a wide array of third-party applications and systems, including CRM and project management tools. Keep all your key business operations linked and coordinated!

3. **Company.link Pages** 🏢 : Give your business a dedicated and personalized space to interact with clients, vendors, or team members. It’s like your company’s own little corner of the web, making communication with your team a breeze.

4. **Secure and Compliant Communication** 🔒 : Rest assured that your data privacy is in safe hands. The chat hub adheres to industry-specific regulations, ensuring secure and compliant messaging.

Get ready to revolutionize the way you communicate with a chat hub. It’s time to streamline your communication, supercharge team collaboration, enhance customer engagement, and give your productivity a mega boost! 🎉

How do I get started with a Chat Hub?2024-03-25T17:33:43+00:00

Company pages (Set up company page)

    • First, make sure you’ve authenticated your chat tool at https://a.link. Then, you can click ‘setup company page’. If you don’t see that icon, access the StartADAM menu by typing @startadam and clicking enter in any chat channel that you’ve authenticated. 
    • Then, you’ll simply type your company name and drag and drop (or copy & paste) your company logo in JPG or PNG. Don’t worry about sizing, we handle that for you!
    • From there, you can invite your team members using their email addresses. [hyperlink: Billing] is charged per seat per month. Add more seats so that your team members can create or manage their own cross-platform groups, so that they can reply to customer conversations, and to give them their own company.link/username chat hub page.

Personal a.link

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