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How does pricing work for StartADAM? Which users need a StartADAM license?2024-03-25T17:26:45+00:00

We have 3 plans available, depending on the feature-sets you require, and the number of people you need in a group. 

Pricing is for the number of ‘internal’ users you have in your company. Internal users are defined as: anybody who creates or is admin of a group, and anybody in your company workspace (Slack, Microsoft Teams or Discord) who responds or participates in a StartADAM group conversation. All internal team members are billed for, including team members not in your workspace who you require to make groups – as they are also ‘internal’ to your organization. 

What are the free plan limitations2024-03-25T17:27:27+00:00

The free plan is limited by group sizes (<10 people) and number of groups (<10 groups).

Do I have to have a paid Microsoft Teams account?2024-03-25T17:33:57+00:00

Yes, you have to have a paid Microsoft Teams account in order to install apps like StartADAM. StartADAM works with the free versions of Slack and Discord

Do you offer non-profit or educational discounts?2024-03-25T17:34:04+00:00

We do not have set discounts for non-profits or educational institutions at this time. If you’re working with teams supporting the COVID-19 response, please let us know. We would love to help you out.

Which users need a StartADAM license?2024-03-25T17:34:10+00:00

You will need a Mio user license for all users on your workspace/tenant who are members of an active cross-platform direct message exchange during the billing period.

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