A Case Study on Sigvaris’ Success with StartADAM

November 7, 2023

January 3, 2024

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Revolutionizing Customer Engagement: A Case Study on Sigvaris’ Success with StartADAM


In the dynamic customer engagement landscape, businesses continually strive for innovative ways to connect with their audience. Sigvaris, a leading medical compression garment manufacturer and treatment provider for lymphatic and venous diseases, discovered an exceptional solution in StartADAM. This case study delves into how Sigvaris harnessed the unique features of StartADAM, transforming its customer communication and achieving remarkable impacts on its operations.

Use Cases: How Sigvaris Uses StartADAM

Inbound Communication Transformation: ” We have used StartADAM to transition from a phone to a chat-based organization.” Sigvaris now advertises StartADAM as its primary contact number for B2C customers, replacing traditional calls with text-based interactions.

Simplifying Lead Collection: “We were at the conference, and we just tap the card on their phone, and they put in their name and email address, and they’re connected to us immediately. This led us to close 3 deals worth $30k or more that we wouldn’t have closed otherwise.” Sigvaris abandoned pen and paper lead collection for StartADAM’s NFC cards at a conference, resulting in over $50,000 in closed deals.

Enhancing Outbound Messaging: “This difference, Sigvaris said, is a differentiator that none of their competitors have.” Sigvaris plans to proactively engage with customers using StartADAM, initiating conversations as a team from Microsoft Teams to WhatsApp or Text Message.

Impacts: The Transformation of Sigvaris

Revenue Growth: “I would say it has increased our top line by over $250,000 with a revenue lift of over $150,000.” Sigvaris experienced a remarkable 40% growth in revenue compared to the previous year, with $150,000 attributed to StartADAM in 6 months.

Cost Reduction: “By adopting StartADAM, Sigvaris cut costs by at least $100,000.” StartADAM streamlined communication, eliminating the need for excessive phone calls and emails, resulting in significant cost savings.

Enhanced Customer Experience: “It allows us to create a more personalized relationship with clients, set up these automated check-ins, and be in front of problems before they happen.” StartADAM fostered personalized relationships, automated follow-ups, and broadcast messages, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Outcomes: The Value of StartADAM – more than just increased revenue

Operational Efficiency: “StartADAM streamlined customer communication, significantly reducing labor resource requirements.” Sigvaris handled more conversations simultaneously, reaching out to customers proactively and eliminating frustrations associated with traditional communication methods.

Increased Sales: “Using StartADAM’s NFC cards and other features, Sigvaris generated over $150,000 in additional sales.” StartADAM acted as an extra sales representative, impressing potential customers with its efficiency and ease of use.

Transparency and Customer Trust: “Centralized communication is about transparency. When things happen, the people who need to know that it happened, they now know.” Centralized communication through StartADAM created transparency, fostering customer trust and ensuring important updates didn’t get lost in traditional email chains.


Sigvaris’ case study exemplifies the immense value that StartADAM can bring to businesses seeking to revolutionize their customer engagement strategies. The platform’s features have empowered Sigvaris to achieve impressive results, reflecting StartADAM’s ability to elevate businesses to new heights.

StartADAM is more than a communication tool; it’s a game-changer that can provide significant benefits across various industries. As Sigvaris experienced, embracing StartADAM can be the key to differentiating your business, enhancing customer engagement, and driving impressive outcomes.