How to Connect WhatsApp to Slack

October 5, 2022

March 3, 2024

2 min

Whatsapp is the world’s favorite instant messaging platform, with more than 2 billion subscribers, and users love it for its simplicity and familiarity. Slack was one of the first work-specific tools created and it revolutionized the way we work. They also have one of the highest retention rates for customers – a staggering 98%, with over 12 million subscribers.

With hybrid teams becoming more common, as well as cross collaboration in organizations, we’re juggling tools and compromising – You might love Whatsapp, but your boss insists on using Slack. Wouldn’t it be great if you could use just one?

Can you connect Slack to WhatsApp?

Right now, There’s no official connection between Slack and WhatsApp. Slack does have an integrations page, which allows users to sync some apps into the workspace with just a few clicks, but unfortunately, WhatsApp isn’t one of the offerings.

There are more unofficial ways to link the two, using automation bots like Onlizer, but they’re painfully expensive — with the most basic plans starting around $200 per year — and don’t run smoothly for everyday use. Instead, you can use StartADAM to easily connect WhatsApp to Slack for free, and start communicating using the tools you prefer without compromise.

Integrate Whatsapp with Slack using StartADAM

You can easily integrate Whatsapp with Slack with StartADAM’s Connect feature. Connect lets you sync chats and channels across communication apps so that you can communicate how and where you want.

Here’s how you do it:

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Once you’ve completed the steps above, you can stop copying and pasting and just get back to work – StartADAM’s Connect will automatically push notifications between WhatsApp and Slack, keeping your team updated. Everyone can choose their favorite tool to get work done, and no one has to compromise.

Looking for more workflow automations?

StartADAM can easily link the tools you prefer with those your freelancers, teams, and clients use. Streamline your processes, management, and more, all in the apps you love in to work in.

Use StartADAM to:

  • Eliminate the cross-communication headaches between teams, clients and literally anyone else, without overhauling your digital workspace.
  • Improve workflows and stop waiting and bouncing between chat apps. See work as it happens, all on one screen.
  • Get crystal clear clarity where you need it: Identify problems, delays, and changing priorities as they happen.

StartADAM lets you sync your favourite tools in a few clicks. Now everyone can work the way they want.