Create a Broadcast Channel on Slack

June 12, 2023

March 14, 2024

3 min



Are you ready to revolutionize your team’s communication and collaboration? Discover the power of a broadcast channel on Slack with StartADAM. Staying connected and informed is crucial for teams to thrive nowadays. A broadcast channel provides a centralized hub for disseminating essential updates, announcements, and messages to team members. By integrating different communication apps like WhatsApp, Microsoft Teams, Telegram, SMS, and iMessage, StartADAM enables seamless cross-platform collaboration within this broadcast channel. In this guide, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of creating a broadcast channel on Slack using StartADAM, empowering your team to stay connected and informed like never before.


Importance and Benefits of a Broadcast Channel


A broadcast channel plays a vital role in fostering effective communication and collaboration within a team. Here are some key benefits:


  1. Centralized Communication: With a broadcast channel, you have a single location where important messages can be shared with the entire team simultaneously. No more worrying about individuals missing out on important updates or information.


  1. Time-Saving: Using a broadcast channel saves valuable time by delivering messages efficiently to all team members simultaneously. This eliminates the need for repetitive individual communications, ensuring everyone receives the information simultaneously.


  1. Consistency: A broadcast channel ensures consistent messaging across the team. Important updates, announcements, or policy changes can be communicated uniformly, reducing the risk of misinterpretation or confusion.


  1. Flexibility and Choice: StartADAM’s integration capabilities allow team members to receive broadcast messages through their preferred communication apps. This flexibility enables individuals to choose the platform they are most comfortable with, enhancing engagement and collaboration.


  1. Enhanced Team Engagement: Broadcasting messages to the entire team fosters a sense of inclusivity and encourages active participation. Team members feel involved, connected, and engaged in the collective goals and progress of the team.


  1. Streamlined Collaboration: With StartADAM’s cross-platform integration, team members can collaborate seamlessly across different communication apps. This eliminates the need to switch between multiple platforms and streamlines communication, boosting productivity and efficiency.


  1. Accessibility: A broadcast channel ensures that important messages reach team members regardless of their physical location or time zone. This accessibility ensures that remote or distributed teams stay connected and informed, bridging the gap between areas.


How to get started


Step 1: Sign up for StartADAM:


To get started, visit the StartADAM website and create an account. The registration process is quick and straightforward, requiring basic information to create your StartADAM profile.


Step 2: Connect Slack to StartADAM:


Once you have created your StartADAM account, it’s time to connect Slack to StartADAM. Navigate to and follow the prompts to authorize StartADAM’s access to your Slack workspace. This step enables seamless communication between Slack and other communication apps.


Step 3: Add Communication Apps, Create Broadcast Channel and Start Broadcasting!


After integrating Slack, it’s time to add the other communication apps you want to include in your broadcast channel. StartADAM supports various apps, including WhatsApp, Microsoft Teams, Telegram, SMS, and iMessage. Simply navigate to StartADAM on your Slack and @startadam. A prompt will appear and choose “manage group” – “activate broadcast” – Convert Channel to Broadcast and you’re all set! 


Congratulations! You have successfully created a broadcast channel on Slack using StartADAM. Begin broadcasting important updates, announcements, and messages to your team members across various communication apps. Everyone can choose their preferred app to receive and respond to messages, ensuring flexibility and convenience.


Tips for Effective Broadcast Channel Management


  • Encourage team members to personalize their notification settings within their preferred communication apps, ensuring they receive important broadcast messages promptly.
  • Set clear guidelines and expectations for using the broadcast channel to avoid overwhelming team members with excessive messages.
  • Regularly review and update channel permissions to ensure only relevant team members can access the broadcast channel.
  • Use StartADAM’s automation features to schedule and automate specific broadcast messages, saving time and effort.