How StartADAM Helped Close a 7-Figure Client

October 23, 2023

March 3, 2024

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How StartADAM Helped Close a 7-Figure Client for Neutech

Unlocking Efficiency and Boosting Revenue with StartADAM


In this captivating case study, we dive deep into how StartADAM, the ultimate communication tool, revolutionized the operations and sales game for Neutech, a leading software development agency. Our loyal customer, Jared, reveals how StartADAM enabled them to close seven-figure deals, streamline their workflows, and enhance their communication across the board.


StartADAM – Streamlining Communication for Enhanced Efficiency


Neutech, under the leadership of Jared, operates in the software development space, specializing in staff augmentation. They’re known for their unique approach, often referred to as the “SEAL Team Six of staff augmentation,” which sets them apart from the competition. With an exclusive team of senior-level engineers and a global presence, Neutech needed a tool that could simplify their complex communication needs.

The Benefits Realized:

  1. Efficiency: StartADAM seamlessly managed diverse communication channels, saving time and reducing complexity.
  2. Work-Life Balance: StartADAM allowed Jared to separate his personal and work life, safeguarding his personal time and ensuring he never missed crucial work-related information.
  3. Sales Focus: Improved communication efficiency empowered Jared to focus more on sales, resulting in a significant boost in sales productivity.


Boosting Sales with Chat-Based Selling


Responding quickly to potential clients’ inquiries is crucial in a highly competitive market. Jared understood that the speed of response could make or break a deal.

The Gains Achieved:

  1. Faster Response: StartADAM enabled Neutech to respond swiftly to customer inquiries, reducing competition and increasing the likelihood of closing deals.
  2. Continuous Engagement: The chat-based selling approach helped maintain client engagement and foster long-term relationships.
  3. Efficient Retention: By keeping clients engaged and well-informed, StartADAM contributed to Neutech’s ability to retain high-value clients over time.


Mitigating Churn and Protecting Against Poaching


Neutech faces inherent industry risks, including churn and potential client poaching. StartADAM helped address these concerns effectively.

The Positive Impact:

  1. Churn Mitigation: StartADAM’s unique capabilities reduced churn by seamlessly connecting with CRM systems and keeping clients engaged.
  2. Client Protection: By masking identities and communication channels, StartADAM helped protect Neutech’s clients from potential poaching.
  3. Logistics Simplification: StartADAM streamlined workflows, eliminating the need for additional systems or emails, ultimately saving time and money.


The StartADAM Effect: Sales, Operations, and Compliance


Jared’s testimonial perfectly illustrates how StartADAM impacted Neutech in three crucial areas:

  1. Sales: StartADAM’s instant communication capabilities helped Neutech respond rapidly, reducing churn and streamlining the sales process, leading to winning six and seven-figure deals.
  2. Operations: The platform’s seamless white-labeling and integration capabilities allowed Neutech to manage clients efficiently and their preferred CRMs, saving time and resources.
  3. Compliance: StartADAM’s data retention and communication capabilities ensured that Neutech had control over client communication, reducing the risk of data loss.



Jared’s journey with StartADAM reflects the incredible impact this versatile communication tool can have on your business. Whether it’s streamlining operations, supercharging sales, or mitigating business risks, StartADAM is a versatile and efficient solution that has the power to transform your business across various aspects. Experience the benefits, just as Jared did, and unlock new opportunities for your business with StartADAM. 

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