Seamlessly Sync Project Management Boards

Tandem lets you sync tables and kanban boards across different project management tools. Get accurate project data in your favorite apps today.


No more single source of truth

With Tandem, you can synchronize project management kanban boards with each other seamlessly so that you know everyone is on the same page and everyone can work with their favorite tools.

Production Line
Synced sources of truth

Have the important, accurate data accessible wherever everyone needs it

Keep everyone aligned with 2-way syncing
Update on either side of a Tandem link and watch the other board sync automatically.

Everyone can use their favorite tools

Tandem means that everyone can work with their favorite tools without compromise.

All our communications follow SOC2 security & privacy protocols.

How it Works

Start syncing project management tools in 5 minutes.

Add StartADAM to the PM tools you want to sync.

StartADAM works across the most popular project management tools. Simply install the StartADAM app in both.

StartADAM apps

Connect the boards you want to sync

StartADAM works across all of the major chat platforms, allowing you and your team to get updates wherever you would like them, without compromise.

Click ‘Start Syncing’

Now the two boards you’ve connected will keep in sync until you switch it off.

StartADAM apps

Who should use this?

Software Teams

Unify communication by creating cross-platform channels on Jira or Trello tasks.

Service Providers

Connect with clients from your tool to theirs and automate your delivery processes.


Keep your team members in the loop even if they’re not sitting next to you.


Set and forget tasks and repetitive campaigns.

Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, we have answers

Yeap! StartADAM has both free and paid plans. Check out our pricing here.

We are SOC2 compliant. This means your your data is secured with bank-level encryption and security. It’s pretty serious. Find out more about SOC2 compliancy and our security here.

Get in touch! We’d love to hear from you. Head to our contact page and say hello.

Probably! Please click here to find the full list of our integrations.

Secure at our core.

We follow all SOC 2 requirements including encryption, with strict measures to protect your data.

Want a walk through?

Our dedicated support team can walk you through how to sync the apps you and your teams use in 10 minutes.

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