How to Connect WhatsApp to Discord

October 5, 2022

March 3, 2024

2 min

Have you been searching for a way to connect WhatsApp to Discord? Maybe you’ve joined a new workspace or team, but your platform preferences are clashing. You’re running out of patience for yet another app, and you’re searching for a way to keep connected, streamlined, and easy communication accessible. You already use WhatsApp, the world’s largest freeware messaging service, and you love it.

Discord is one of the most popular VoIP platforms, offering chat, phone and video calling both privately and in community forums known as Servers. Originally built for gamers, it gained immense popularity with the web3 crowd and now hybrid and remote working are starting to use it. It’s a great option, but do you need to use yet another communication app? Not anymore.

Is there a way to connect Discord and WhatsApp?.

There is no official way to integrate Discord and Whatsapp. However with StartADAM’s Connect, now you can, in a SOC2 compliant, totally secure way.

How to Integrate Whatsapp with Discord using StartADAM’s Connect

You can connect Discord and WhatsApp in just a few clicks. Here’s how:

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Once you’ve followed the steps above, you’re ready to go: the platforms are connected seamlessly with messages between them being synced in real-time. Stay in control of your projects and use the tools that best suit your needs.

Never worry about another missed message.


Looking for more workflow automations?

StartADAM can easily link the tools you prefer with those your freelancers, teams, and clients use. Streamline your processes, management and more where you work – and most importantly, do it without compromise.

Why try StartADAM?

  • Hassle-Free – No need to download additional apps, save login information and copy, paste or export your work.
  • Solutions all in one place – Just a few clicks initiates the connection between platforms so you can get more done on the tools you love.
  • The future of work is everywhere– hybrid, in office, and home teams – and embracing the use of smart tools is essential to staying ahead of the curve.

Stay where you are, on the tools you love, and let smarter, future-ready automation do the rest.