How to Connect Discord with Slack

October 5, 2022

April 29, 2024

2 min


Discord has become the dominant communication platform of choice for millions of people around the world —mainly GenZ and the crypto crowd—over recent years. Slack is one of the other dominant communication apps used by businesses and communities to centralise communication.

Using both, as many of us have been doing, can be a bit of a headache. Checking multiple communication apps daily is distracting and splitting communication across multiple tools can lead to missing important messages.

If Discord is your communication tool of choice and you would like to pull in all of your Slack chats into a Discord server of your choosing—look no further.

Can you connect Discord with Slack?

There is no official connection between Slack and Discord, and as competitors, they are in no rush to create one. There are a few expensive integrations using tools like Zapier and, but they limit actions— which means a cost to each and every message, action, or call — within their pricing schedule.

It’s an expensive way to solve a little problem and not really worth the bill. There’s another method which only takes a few clicks to set up and it’s free.

Integrate Discord with Slack using StartADAM’s Connect

You can easily integrate Discord with Slack with StartADAM’s Connect feature. Connect lets you sync chats and channels across communication apps so that you can communicate how and where you want.


Looking for more workflow automations?

StartADAM can easily link the tools you prefer with those your freelancers, teams, and clients use. Streamline your processes, management and more where you work – and most importantly, do it without compromise.

Use StartADAM to:

  • Eliminate the cross-communication headaches between teams, clients and literally anyone else, without overhauling your digital workspace.
  • Improve workflows and stop waiting and bouncing between chat apps. See work as it happens, all on one screen.
  • Get crystal clear clarity where you need it: Identify problems, delays, and changing priorities as they happen.

StartADAM lets you sync your favourite tools in a few clicks. Now everyone can work the way they want.