StartADAM Launches AI Business Assistant that Plugs Into the Tools You Rely On

March 16, 2023 – StartADAM, a technology company that presents itself as the SaaS “Missing Link”, has announced its capital raise of $1.9M USD for the launch of its AI concierge suite for team collaboration. StartADAM acts as an AI assistant to manage and organize multiple workspace platforms.

To achieve this, StartADAM has focused on two innovations. First, with StartADAM Connect, it creates native conversation by enabling cross-platform communication groups between all major tools. Think, Slack to Microsoft Teams and Whatsapp. Second, it integrates platforms into the conversation. These innovations support StartADAM’s ambitious plans to become an AI business assistant that integrates business tools to automate processes.

Unlike existing API connectors, StartADAM’s integrations enable features such as unified communications, automated follow-ups, team updates and due dates. Future skills include collaborative ChatGPT access from any communication tool, time-tracking, payments, translation, employee rewards, reporting and an open API for controlling custom SaaS tools.

“We believe that the final innovation in the expansive Productivity Tools industry is in the last mile of collaboration – making tools accessible in a conversational space.”

Said Adam Stone, CEO of StartADAM. “Our tools are designed to help businesses of all sizes and industries work together seamlessly, regardless of their preferred chat or project management tools. With the trend and capabilities of AI, the time is ripe for an intelligence layer with full access to a business’s tool suite to provide true managerial support to all companies.”

Adam Stone

StartADAM’s current integration suite includes Trello, Jira, Microsoft Teams, Slack, WhatsApp, Text Messages (SMS), Discord, Telegram and more, and is backed by SOC 2 enterprise-grade security protocols.

StartADAM’s funding round was led by Watertower Ventures – a Venture Capital fund based in Los Angeles, CA. The company, also headquartered in Los Angeles, is led by CEO Adam Stone, a second-time entrepreneur, and CTO Dr. Marcos Barretto, a former AI Professor with a specialty in social robots.

StartADAM’s new suite is ideal for software teams, service providers, marketplaces and Enterprises.