Whatsapp limitations2023-07-29T04:19:45+00:00
  • We do not support adding StartADAM to existing Whatsapp groups 
  • We support 12 channels on Whatsapp. This means you won’t be able to surpass joining or creating ~12 cross-platform groups on Whatsapp. For unlimited channels, we recommend Telegram as an alternative. 
What is my Whatsapp username? And why do you need my email?2023-07-29T04:19:10+00:00
  • Your email is used for our own purposes and does not relate to anything in Whatsapp. Your username is simply a display name so that others know who they are talking to. You may type anything as a username. 
I will use Whatsapp as my primary tool. How do I install StartADAM?2023-07-29T04:18:18+00:00

To install StartADAM in your primary communication tool, please go to https://a.link, type your email (preferably your work email) and then click on your communication tool to follow the installation process.

Can I change the channel name? It says ‘StartADAM’2023-07-29T04:19:28+00:00

Unfortunately due to a Whatsapp API limitation, we cannot change the channel name. However we do send contact cards for you / your contacts which does rename the channel.

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